MIS Veteran Jiro Ikemori waits for his cue to continue his recollections of occupied Japan.

Oral History Collection

Times have changes, and technology has changed.

Volunteers began recording oral histories in the 1960s using handheld tape recorders. Over time, the project migrated to videotaped interviews and VHS tape.

Today, in partnership with the Go for Broke National Education Center, we are using high-definition studio cameras to capture broadcast quality recordings in digital format.

But while we have wrestled to keep up with changing technology, the stories and recollections of the Nisei veterans remains the same: a sense of duty, love of family, and commitment to country.


Eric Saul
US Army Historian

At the awarding of the Medal of Honor to 442nd veterans
William K. Nakamura
and James K. Okubo, Saul said:

"You did make the Constitution stand for all of the people, all of the time. History works. You made it work, and you made it work for me, for your children, and for this country...

Go tell your children to tell the world."