The New NVMC Education Center

The young Nisei who fought heroically in Europe and the Pacific – and became the most highly decorated soldiers in US Army history – played a pivotal role in our country's march towards civil rights.

The third and final building of our living memorial is our Education Center. The one-story 2,100 square foot building will be the heart and soul of the memorial as it houses the Nisei Veterans Archives, an extensive collection of books, oral histories and one-of-a-kind family albums, photographs and personal communiqués from World War II.

The workroom will provide counter space for researchers to view these documents and artifacts. Through oral histories, photographs, diaries and letters from the battlefront, the Nisei soldiers will share their love of country, fear of battle, and inkling that theirs were important first steps towards what today we call “civil rights.”

In addition, the workroom will double as a classroom to host high school and college seminar classes. Students will consider the parallels between the Nisei soldiers’ experience, and our nation’s current struggle to define individual rights vs. national security.

Students will learn about the values of citizenship, honor and integrity, as told through the humble words of Nisei veterans who left Maui’s plantation camps and made an indelible mark in history.

Maui Matsuri 2010

Board Member Brian Moto reviewing resesarch papers on the Nisei veterans of WWII

Maui High Student Interns

Maui High School student interns