We've put together a simple, easy to understand GUIDE TO GIVING that explains the how's and why's of gifting through stock, bonds, life insurance and real estate.

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Legacy Fund

The typical homeowners’ never-ending to-do list includes mowing the lawn and washing windows; infrequent but necessary to-dos like exterior painting and fixing the gutters; and really infrequent must-dos like repaving the driveway and putting on a new roof.

Our Center has the same to-do list.  Just on a grander scale.

When we repaint, it’ll be for 7,200 square feet of building with interior room heights of almost 14 feet; when we repave, it’ll be for a long driveway and a 25,000 square foot parking lot!


Currently, we have two non-profit tenants with whom we divvy up operational expenses such as the cost of electricity, water, sewage, garbage pickup, bug extermination, security system, and insurance.


In anticipation of major, infrequent maintenance and repair expenses, our board of directors has established a Legacy Fund. 

The purpose of our Legacy Fund is to build a reserve fund for large maintenance expenditures, as well as to invest in our educational programs.


We have put procedures in place to accept not only cash, but also gifts of stocks bonds, life insurance and real estate.

Planned gifts come from the heart.

They are made with care:

  • In remembrance of a KIA;
  • In memory of a family member or dear friend;
  • In honor of a Nisei veteran, recognizing his lifetime commitment to family and community.

These gifts are often “once-in-a-lifetime” gifts. They may be large or small. But no matter the size, we know they mean a lot to you, and they mean a lot to us.

With these funds our Center will be able to maintain its facilities and offer educational programs to the community.

We want to ensure that our community -- and our nation -- never forget the humble young men who rose above prejudice and distrust to serve their country with unparalleled discipline and courage.

Through educational programs we will inspire generations to come to live their values of humility, duty, and honor.