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There are a myriad ways that you can help our Center.


Once a quarter we get together to spruce up and maintain our Center. Check our Calendar for the next clean-up.


We are in a race against time: We want to record as many oral histories of the Nisei veterans as possible. Their family history, the recollections of their childhood, their thoughts as they went to war, and their life experiences when they returned from war.

We are partnering with the Go for Broke National Education Center to capture high-definition studio quality recordings.

It's fun - and educational - to be a part of the film crew. No experience necessary - we teach!


With construction of our Education Building underway, we are ramping up development of our educational programs. Our goal is to develop modules for use in classrooms, as well as for youth groups such as the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Boys and Girls Club.


Like to have fun? Join our Special Events committee that plans our annual November benefit event. You'll meet lots of interesting people, and support a great event.

On a recent Saturday, volunteers gathered to collect the oral histories of our veterans.


General David A. Bramlett, US Army (Ret). 

442nd Reunion
Punchbowl Cemetery
April 2003

"If you go to the US Army’s official history, you will find 233 infantry regiments served in WWII…include the 18 Marine regiments, then you realize 251 infantry regiments fought in WWII….The most decorated of them all is the 442d.

We, the guests, are not only honored but also humbled to be in your presence and to join you in honoring those who died for their buddies, the 442d, and their country."